Creative Writing: 2 Points of View

Creative Writing From 2 Points of ViewOne neat creative writing technique is writing from a different point of view.  I often hear of the standard assignment to write as though you are an inanimate object (like a pencil or a plant) to teach kids to write from a new point of view.  That’s still a good one if you’ve never done it, but if you’re looking for a fresh idea, read on…

Instead, try this assignment: Write the same story twice,  The first time, write from the point of view of a fisherman on a fishing trip.  The second time, write from the point of view of the fish who is being caught.

This same concept can be done with other pairings:

  • diver/shark
  • astronaut/martian
  • princess/prince (who meet in the story)
  • safari goer/animal
  • teacher/student

The possibilities are endless!  Just think of two things/people/animals that somehow interact, and then write about the same incident from several points of view.  It’s really fun. . . give it a try!

Teaching Tip

This tip is for emergent writers: Sometimes emergent writers have their lessons stifled by the actual physical writing.  In this case you want them to learn about points of view.  (Not spelling, letter formation, perfect sentence structure, and on and on and one!)  If you’ve got a brand new writer, feel free to let them tell the story while you write it down so they can keep their ideas flowing.  Then for practice, they can copy what they’ve dictated and you’ve written.  If it’s too long, just let them copy parts of it at first, and little by little they can build up.

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