Happy Fall Y’all – Fall Subway Art

It’s still really hot where I live near Salt Lake City, but I’m anxious for fall to be here, so I’ve begun decorating (like maybe it will usher in autumn a little faster if I hang up some fall subway art and a scarecrow wreath on my door!).

I like having seasonal decorations that I can keep up for a few months so I’m not always having to change out my decor each month.  (Though admittedly, I do have some specific holidays that only last a week or two!)  I have quite a bit of autumn decor that can last from September all the way through until I put up my Christmas decorations at the beginning of December.  I fell in love with Subway art a few years ago and now have some for almost every season that comes along.  The colors of autumn are my favorites too, so I can’t help but love this fall subway art.

I make my subway art using boards that I router the edges on.  I just paint them and then sand them.  Once it’s totally dry, add the vinyl lettering on to it.  I recommend Vinyl Gifts and More.  They are the best.  Go check out their site and I promise you’ll fall in  love.

Hope you’re all having a fun fall (even if you’re still enduring summer weather like we are here!)

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