Health Unit Study

This is a Health Unit Study. It includes a library list, experiments, activities, discussion questions, and web links that go along with Health.  We talk about sex (help for you to talk to your kids about sex), nutrition, safety, exercise, and cleanliness.

Health unit study - Layers of Learning

Price: $1.99

This mini-unit is taken directly from Unit 2.11 of the Layers of Learning Curriculum, that is, it is identical to the science section of that unit.

This mini-unit is a PDF which can be printed out or left digitally on your lap top or desk top (convenient for clicking on sidebar links).  You can also read it on an iPad by e-mailing to yourself and opening it with the Open Office App or any other document reader.

The Health Unit includes:

  • A hand washing experiment using nutrient agar
  • A discussion and system for keeping a clean home environment
  • Ideas to get outside and exercise with your kids
  • A quiz about sleep
  • An eating healthy discussion with ideas on how to talk to your kids and things you can do together
  • A calorie counting exercise for teens to learn this life skill
  • A project to make a whole set of “teeth” out of marshmallows.
  • An experiment to show how teeth decay
  • An expedition to visit a doctor’s or dentist’s office
  • A stranger safety discussion
  • An experiment to show how important helmets are
  • A family bicycle rally
  • And a home safety tour

Each of the activities and books has smiley faces that indicate what level of learner the activity is appropriate for.  Yellow indicates approximately 1-4th grade, green is for 5th-8th grades, and blue is for high school kids.


This mini unit is intended to be a guide, not a you-must-complete-every-activity curriculum.  You can pick and choose between books and activities that you would like to do.

In this, and all our units, we provide a list of books to search for at your library.  None of the books are necessary to using the course.  They can be replaced by others you can find at your library or off your shelves.  The books add to the course and some outside reading will greatly improve learning quality for your kids.

Here are the books we recommend for this unit:

Price: $1.99

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