Foundational Principles Of Good Government

Foundational Principles of Good Government, lovingly and gutturally called FPOGG by us here at Layers of Learning, was written after Michelle spent over a decade learning and researching the principles you’ll find in its pages.  Knowing her own children {and yours!}  needed to know what she learned about our founders and this amazing system of government they created, she wrote this course.

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Foundational Principles of Good Government is a high school US government course, designed to be a discussion between the student and mentor.

It Covers

  • What are the different types of government
  • Why do we have government
  • Where does government get its authority
  • What are the duties and responsibilities of government
  • What are the duties and responsibilities of citizens
  • How is the government divided to provide checks and balances
  • What is the government is prohibited from doing
  • How do economics play into government
  • Warnings from the founders

Each of the nine units have an explanation and explains the topic discussed.  Thought provoking discussion questions are sprinkled throughout along with direct quotes from the founders to back up the ideas presented.  References to passages in the founding documents and the Federalist Papers are given so the student can do further reading.  In the appendix we list further reading for deeper understanding.  With some of the recommended reading this course makes for a complete semester long government course for high school.

Foundational Principles Sample Page

Price: $4.99

This course is also for sale at Rainbow Resource Center in physical copy only.

You can also read the review at The Old Schoolhouse Magazine.

A complete and completely different government course.   Includes the history behind the political thought of the Founders, detailed explanations of what form of government the Founders chose, the duties of the government, the duties and rights of citizens, what the government is forbidden to do, how the Constitution sets up an ideal and limited government, and exactly what a free market system entails (and how it is inseparable from freedom).  The course is divided into units on particular aspects of government, complete with discussion questions and liberally sprinkled with direct quotes from the Founders.  This is the historically correct, not the politically correct, version of American Government.

You do not want to miss this for your high schooler (or for yourself).

Understand government like you never have before.

Price: $4.99


  1. Sherry Walker

    This course is AMAZING! I have been trying to educate myself more about the principles of government that our founders used because I was not taught those principles in my own public school education. Since then, I have felt the need to teach my own children because I know they won’t learn these important principles and ideas unless I teach them. I found this course Michelle put together, and it has all of the important concepts, organized in a creative, interesting, and complete way. I know this course is intended for older children and will be perfect for my sixteen year old, but it also provides the foundation principles that can be easily simplified and adapted to the needs of my younger children. GENIUS! Thanks, Michelle!

  2. Luwaina Diaz

    I purchased your Foundational principles of Good Government but don’t see a place to download the pdf file. The message said page not available. Can you please send to Looking forward to sharing your wonderful work with my class. Thank you for providing relevant and quality materials.

    Mrs. Diaz

  3. Jennifer R

    I wish you had a sample of a few of the pages available. The course sounds good, but seeing some of the pdf would help me make a decision. Would this work for middle school?

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