Layers of Learning Homeschool Planner

Layers of Leaning Homeschool Planner

The Layers of Learning Homeschool Planner comes with dozens of different pages so you can customize it any way you want to.


This is a full size planner (8.5" x 11") in both color and black and white.  Many of the pages have editable fields that you can fill in before printing.  The font we set the fields to is Century Gothic, a free font.  If you do not have Century Gothic installed on your computer the font will default to a sans-serif font that you do have.

The best part is that each section of the planner is a separate file and you can print out just what you need in exactly the quantities you need.

What's Included?

  • Monthly calendar sheets, ready to be filled in
  • Weekly calendar planner pages including to-do, appointments, menu, and grocery shopping plus check lists to mark off recurring daily and weekly to-do's
  • Pages just for notes
  • Contact pages where you can enter friends, family, and business phone, address, and e-mail info
  • Password pages for all the web sites in your life
  • Gift ideas sheets to write down as you get brilliant ideas
  • Christmas gift planning pages
  • Goal setting pages
  • A bucket list
  • Budget for your income and a plan for your savings
  • Pocketbook to keep track of your budget categories
  • Lesson planning sheets
  • Three covers to choose from (as shown above)

Home Management

These sheets shown below include all the householdy organization you need like gift planners, contacts, and web site sheets, a cleaning checklist and plan, recipe pages, menu pages, a weekly meal planner, budget and pocketbook worksheets, bucket list, habit trackers, and goal planners for you and for the family.

Printable Homeschool Mom's Planner. 99 cents.

Heart of the Homeschool Planner

These homeschool planner pages are specifically for homeschoolers.  There are spelling lists, color coded grade books in two styles, daily, weekly, and monthly lesson planners, and a unit study planning sheet.  These sheets have editable fields where you can type in things that recur so you don't have to write in student names or regular subjects, for example, on each sheet you print.

Printable Homeschool Mom's Planner. 99 cents.


Here we have the weekly calendaring pages.  These pages come in two styles: horizontal and vertical.  Both calendars come colored or black and white.  One of the features we love about the horizontal calendar is the meal planning and shopping lists built right on to the page. When you go to the store you just cut off the shopping list to take it with you.  This also leaves a built in bookmark to keep track of your place in the planner where the cut pages end.

Printable Homeschool Mom's Planner. 99 cents.

*The calendars are undated, the dated versions shown are from the 2015 calendar and are no longer available.

Filler Pages

Finally, these are the filler pages.  Many of the pages are two page spreads with a gutter in the center.  This leaves blank pages at the beginning and end of the section you are printing.  These filler pages can be used any place you have a blank spot or they can be printed and used in their own sections.  There are blank lists, grid paper, to do lists, notes, dated year at a glance, and an undated monthly calendar.

Printable Homeschool Mom's Planner. 99 cents.

And of course all the pages come in black and white as well, in the same set so you can choose or mix and match.

Product Details

Age Range: Adult
Format: Printable PDF
Publisher: HooDoo Publishing
Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 11 inches
Digital File Size: 2.53Mb

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