49 School Room Ideas

Our school room is just off the kitchen. We use it mostly for storage because it’s dark, cold, and dungeon like. We do keep the computers out there though so it does get used, just not for actual school work very often.

So here I’ve collected 49 school room ideas. I’d like a room that makes you want to be in it, that has all our stuff right at hand, and has plenty of space for all of us to spread out. I hope some of these ideas help you out too. You can follow more of my ideas on Houzz at my ideabooks.  And you can make your own ideabook too.

So here we go, my school room ideas:

Creative bookshelf! I will probably never acquire a big spool, but I need to look at found stuff as possible furniture I can use.


Love the wood walls . . . Need this to cover my dry wall job. It would be so durable when the children decide to throw things.


Red, white, and blue without being overdone. White painted wood, love the rug.


Love the flag on the white paneled wall.


White walls work if they have texture, like these with paneling. I also like the clutter-free feel.


I like how the clock is down low and the decorations are “schoolish” but stylish.


I love the big map on the wall, framed it looks like art. We currently have maps in our schoolroom, but they could definitely use frames.


Large Whimsical Floor Cushion by Big Bird’s Boutique – GBP 160.00 »
Could I make this? Perhaps not, but keep in mind big comfy cushions for a reading corner.


Oooo . . . Love the pegboard behind the desk. Behind our computers?


The most important part of any study, the book lined walls followed up rapidly by a big generous table on which to spread out.


The necessary, but unattractive, techy stuff is overpowered with interesting design . . . Make it happen in the schoolroom.


The whole wall is papered with maps in like color tones . . . Love it.


Use a closet for homeschool storage instead of an entire room, which honestly doesn’t get studied in anyway.


These rolling white chairs are my dream for the computer stations.


All the elements, storage, bookshelves, tables to study at, and style. Kids study spaces don’t have to be childish.


Living room doubling as a schoolroom with a long farmhouse table double desk and a computer tucked into a corner.


All I can think is, I definitely need more shelves.


Love this! I actually have a big square table that I don’t know what to do with, but unfortunately, not a really big room to fit it in.


The table is really close to the shelves. Does this work? I hope so because the rooms in my house are small.


Tables tables, multiple tables all through the house!


Harbor View Storage Cabinet – $189.00 »
Like the look and the price, now I just need a spot.


Rolled Paint Map of the World by Art Pause – GBP 14.99 »
Art for the schoolroom . . . or schoolishness for anywhere


For the reading corner!


Vintage Cram’s Pull Down Simple School Wall Map the by Windsor Place Antiques »
Love the map, but they are vintage, ie, no longer accurate. What I would really like is a vintage-look pull down wall map that is up to date.


Small pre-school and early elementary size desk in old schoolhouse charm. $117 @ WalMart.com


I need this inside my desk drawers for pencils, scissors, etc. $12.99


My kids could fill these walls in no time.


Obviously awesome. It’s not available at the store it came from anymore, but I’m thinking get crafty.


Love the white shelves and light airy feeling of the room . . . I would skip the pink though.


I like this desk arrangement for working with kids . . . Me at my computer, them facing


This is pretty much my dream room, wall to wall, floor to ceiling books. (And a rolling ladder.)


I need this wood ceiling in my school room . . . Mostly to cover up the FABULOUS job I did on the taping and muding of our current ceiling.


I would love to have the center island workspace.


Love storage lined walls plus center island. I need to gut my school room and start over, that much is obvious.


This corner bookshelf plus cozy cushions and rug for a reading corner . . . I need $$$.


I need to paint my cabinets white and get task lighting for under the cabinets . . . Oh and cozy chairs.


Momeni Lil Mo Whimsy Grass Rug – $64.00 »
Love this rug–reading nook


I like the stools, the cleanliness, the colors, and all.


Three separate workstations and built in furniture.


The grey is soothing, the painted, wooden, rolling chair is my chair of dreams, and I just really like rooms with computer work stations on the wall and a table out in the center.


Swap out all that junk on the shelves with books and you’d have an awesome room.


Love the big TV plus center table, plus couch, plus computer stations. I would play You Tube clips and look at web sites on the TV with the group, plus pull up maps during geography, diagrams of the human body during science, and keep a slide show of art on there all the time.


That chalkboard of vintageness, plus the adorable drop leaf table would make me happy every time I walked in the room.


Embrace the kid papers!


Barn doors, nice.


School cubby, oh and notice the non-black chalkboard paint.


I like how this little end of the room is divided off, but not divorced from the rest of the house.


Look at the largeness of the desk space.


A kitchen bump out would be the perfect kid study space, if I only had one.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these ideas! We are moving soon, and will finally have a bit more room to dedicate to schoolish things, but I want to make sure it is a space we will use every day. After looking at these, one thing I need for sure is a big table and built in bookshelves…

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