A Christmas Accounting

Christmas at our house is a whole lot more than joy and cheer, it’s also mishaps and mayhem.  With a small house full of six young, rambunctious boys, including a toddler whose mission in life is to pull everything in the world to bits and put it all in his mouth, we have had a few “incidents” this Christmas season.  Here is our Christmas accounting.


 Times the tree has been pushed over: four (and counting)

Presents wrapped and waiting: fifty plus

Broken ornaments: at least a dozen

Injuries from broken ornaments: one

Facial lacerations requiring medical attention: one

Broken bones: one (a toe)

Nativity scenes: three

Wreaths: one

Hours spent decorating the house: three

Hours spent re-decorating the house after the toddler has torn it apart: too many

Shopping trips to the store: six

Cups of hot cocoa drunk: fifty, at least

Christmas stories read: an even dozen

Happy children: six

Rolls of wrapping paper used: four

Degrees the tree is leaning to the left: about ten

Fervent prayers for snow: six daily

Inches of snow: two

Blessings: innumerable

Visits with Santa: one

Letters to Santa: five

Lumps of coal expected: none

How is your Christmas adding up?  Check out lots of ideas that will add up to holiday fun at your house in our Holidayopedia.  We also hope you’ll follow us on social media . . . we love to get to know our readers there and share even more fun ideas for fun and learning in families.

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