A “Free Trip Around the World” Field Trip

passportTo take your kids on a free trip around the world, just take them to visit a travel agent.  Arrange for a time ahead, and make sure the agent doesn’t mind spending time helping your kids with this learning venture. Sept-Oct and Jan-Feb are slow times for most travel agents so this might be a good time to approach this, but ask the agent when would be a good time for them.

Have the kids come prepared with an idea of a place or places of interest. The travel agent will be able to give them some colorful brochures and make up a pretend itinerary for their trip.

Then you can go home, learn more about the dream destination by going on an imaginary trip. Dress for it, get your passport ready (make one out of paper and colorful stickers in place of the stamp), watch a travel video from the library of the destination, learn some important phrases in the local language, and eat local food. The kids can then make a photo album of the trip with a combination of pictures cut from the brochures and snap shots you took of them on their “trip”.

Bon Voyage!

Additional Layers

  • Ask the travel agent why they decided to become an agent and what they like/ don’t like about their job. What did they have to do to become a travel agent?
  • Have kids find out about the costs of such a trip.
  • Learn something more about customs, religion, government, economy and so forth of the country of interest.

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