A Game About Asia

This game about Asia is to help kids learn the location of the largest continent on a world map and globe.  Hopefully kids will also be able to recognize some of its landmarks and cultural features.  The landmarks and culture will help kids to place Asia not only on the map, but in the world.  It is easier to remember a fact if there is some interesting feature attached to the bare facts.


Is it in Asia?

The game is called “Is it in Asia?”  The goal is to correctly identify which landmarks and cultural items on a set of cards are from Asia and which are not.  Place each item that is from Asia on a map that each child has.  It is a group game.  No points are scored, and no one wins or loses.  The purpose is to learn something new, not to see how much you already know.  Though after you have played it once, you could divide into teams and play for points a second time.

First give each child an Asia Map.  Make sure you point out the location of Asia on a world map or globe for context.  You may also want to review all of the continents at this time.

Asia Map

Then have children draw picture cards of landmarks and cultural items from a bowl or a sack.  Here are some Is it in Asia? cards to print, cut apart, and use in the game.

Is It In Asia

As children pick each one, point out where the landmark is located on the map (or where else in the world it can be found) and perhaps a fact or two that you know about the item.  Then have the kids draw the landmark or mark the location on their map of Asia. One of my children made this map while playing the game.


Additional Layers

  • You could play this game with older kids too, even teens, by making some of the landmarks more obscure or more detailed and having trickier items that are not from Asia.
  • After playing the game, have kids choose one of the items on the cards to learn more about and write a report or create a poster about.
  • Some kids might enjoy sorting the cards.  Sort the cards by categories like animals, landscape features, man-made, or cultural holidays and festivals.  Some cards, like the one of people washing themselves in the Ganges River, could go in more than one group.

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