ABC Worm

Little ones need lots and lots and lots of practice with the ABC’s so here’s one more way.  You can make an ABC worm from the printable below and some card stock and have your child put the alphabet in order, separate the vowels from the consonants and spell words.


 ABC Worm

ABC Worm
ABC Worm

The letter circles are arranged on the pages so that you can print onto five different colors of cardstock if you choose.  You can also have two or three colors, which is a bit more difficult, or have all the letters be a single color, more challenging.  Use the various colors to practice patterns as well as the alphabet. Each set of letters will print in light gray ink, so your child can practice handwriting if you like as well.

ABC Worm Vowels & Consonants

These letter circles are arranged on the pages so that you can print the vowels in one color and the consonants in another.

ABC Worm Spelling

These alphabet colors have a single lower case letter each.  Print out two sets and you’ll have enough letters to spell nearly every word your child will meet at this level.

Additional Layers:

  • Keep a box of letter activities and another box of number activities that you can pull out for your pre-schooler or kindergartener to play with while you’re working with the bigger kids or making dinner.
  • Read to your kids as much as possible.  Find a time that you can consistently be available and then make it a habit by being determined for several weeks.  It won’t be long before your kids won’t let you forget.
  • Want to raise readers?  Keep lots of books in the house and be a reader yourself.
  • Using an extra set of these, set out some sight words and have the kids use the second set to match what’s there and make their own sight words.

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