Africa in Cookie Dough

You could color a map of Africa or you could create Africa in cookie dough.


Mix up some sugar dough and let it cool for the customary 3 hours in the fridge. Have it ready for your activity time. Get out a map of Africa and have the kids make the shape of Africa out of their cookie dough. It’s best to have them make the cookie shape directly on the cookie sheet. Cardboard wrapped in foil works well too. You can have the cookies be any size you like. When we did it we made them BIG, big enough to completely fill the cookie sheet with one cookie.

You could do other continents besides Africa with this activity, but I find North America, Europe, and Asia are difficult because of their complicated coastlines. South America, Africa, Australia, and Antarctica are simpler.

After you bake the cookies according to the recipe directions, let them cool completely.

Now it’s time to decorate. You are going to have the kids make the physical features of the continent with various food stuffs.

Grasslands: light green colored frosting, green sugar
Deserts: yellow frosting, yellow colored sugar
Mountains: chocolate chips
Forests: dark green frosting
Jungle: dark green frosting, green dyed coconut
Rivers & Seas: Blue frosting, frosting in a bag with a decorating tip works well for rivers.

As you are placing the features on the cookie map be sure to note the names: the Atlas Mountains, Sahara Desert, Orange River, and so on.

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