Alabama State Study

Alabama Alabama has gorgeous beaches, world class NASCAR racing, and lots and lots of Baptists.  Join us for an Alabama State Study.


Also known as the Heart of Dixie, the name Alabama, comes from the name of the Alabama tribe, a people who were written of from the earliest Spanish explorations of Hernando de Soto on down to the French colonizers of the territory.  The French founded the oldest town in Alabama, Mobile, in 1702.  The area then passed to the British, then the Spanish, and finally was annexed by the Americans.  All the while from the time of de Soto the Spanish had never given up their claims to the area.  Andrew Jackson occupied Mobile during the war of 1812 and finally put to rest any Spanish hopes in regard to the southeast of the continent.

Alabama Geography

Alabama is located along the Gulf of Mexico in the southern United states, with Mississippi to the west and Georgia to the east.   The state climbs from sea level in the south to 1800 feet elevation in the north, among the southern Appalachian chain.   Alabama has extensive rivers and a very functional waterway system for transport.  Alabama’s climate is humid sub tropical and is located in both tornado alley and the path of fall hurricanes.

This is Gulf Shores Beach in Alabama. Alabama beaches draw millions of visitors every year. Photo by Infrogmation of Alabama, CC license, Wikimedia.

Fabulous Facts

  • The early rockets of the space program were built in Alabama.
  • Alabama was the heart of the confederacy, the location of the capital in Montgomery and the place where the flag was designed.
  • Alabama, particularly Montgomery, was also the center of the civil rights movement.
  • Enterprise, Alabama has a monument to celebrate the cotton destroying Boll Weevil.  Go find out why.
  • Famous Folks form Alabama: Hank Aaron, Joe Lewis, Willie Mays, Nat King Cole, Helen Keller, Rosa Parks, Harper Lee, and many more.
  • Bessemer, Alabama has Hitler’s typewriter on display.
  • State Motto: Audemus jura nostra defendere, we dare defend our right
  • The state song is “Alabama”
This is a view of downtown Mobile, Alabama. Photo released to the public domain by Altairisfar, Wikimedia.

Alabama Library List

Chicken Dreaming Corn (Hardcover)  The Journal of Biddy Owens: The Negro Leagues, Birmingham, Alabama, 1948 (My Name is America)      If A Bus Could Talk: The Story of Rosa Parks  Dim Roads and Dark Nights: The Collected Folklore of Ruby Pickens Tartt

 Alabama Map Exploration

Here is an Alabama Map.

Alabama Map

  1. Trace the rivers and other water in blue
  2. Label the water
  3. Outline the state capital dot in red
  4. Label the cities
  5. The rest of the map can be done as a distribution map of natural resources, economic activity, or population.  Or you can label the homeland of native tribes, important sites in the civil war, important sites in the civil rights movement, or the sites of national parks and other interesting natural features of the state.

Additional Layers

  • Learn more details about one of the famous people from Alabama.
  • Make a timeline of important dates in Alabama history.
  • Research the state symbols including the flag, motto, bird, mineral, etc and find out why they are significant to Alabama.
  • Find some recipes form Alabama and try them out.

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