Ancient Egypt Paper Mache Death Mask

There’s no shortage of information on ancient Egypt, even when it comes to teaching little kids.  Just head to the library and you’re sure to find a ton of interesting books no matter what reading level you’re in search of.  We know a great deal about their civilization, and still have many of their artifacts, artwork, and writings today.

Learning About Egypt

We gathered a bunch of books on Egypt (both ancient and modern), the Nile River, the Wonders of the World (of which the pyramids are one), mummies, and pyramids.  For several weeks we’ve been reading the books, doing projects, and writing about all we’ve learned.
Invisible Line
My kids thought it was hilarious that both men and women wore make-up.  We also read a really fascinating book about the Nile River called “Down the Nile” by National Geographic.  Interesting to think that without the Nile, Egypt as we know it probably couldn’t have existed.

Paper Mache Death Mask

My kids are thinking about being mummies for Halloween now.  Perhaps they can wear my favorite project from our studies–an ancient Egypt paper mache death mask:


Start by cutting a milk jug in half.  Keep the handle side.  Then cut two foam plates in half and arrange them to create the head piece the ancient Egyptian king or queen wore.


Coat the whole thing in paper mache.  You probably want two or three layers.

Paper mache is strips of paper dipped in paste. Make the paste by mixing 1 c. water with 1/2 c. flour and stirring to get it very smooth. Sometimes paper mache paste is cooked, but we have found this is not necessary.

Finally paint it.  We recommend starting with a base coat of metallic spray paint to make it look fancy and rich.


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