Autumn Leaf Yarn Painting

We are celebrating autumn and all the beautiful changing leaf colors at our place.  I love this time of year -the crispness in the air, the pretty colors, and also the fact that I don’t have to weed my garden for another year!

This week we decided to make some autumn leaves for INSIDE our house to match the ones outside.  My kids had a few friends over and we all did yarn painting together.  We used autumn-colored yarn to “paint” the leaves.  The kids loved the process and we all loved how they turned out.

How To Make An Autumn Leaf Yarn Painting

You’ll need:

  • construction paper in fall colors (red, orange, yellow, brown)
  • scissors
  • glue
  • yarn (we used a variegated brown and orange yarn to complement the fall theme)
  • a leaf template (or you could trace a real leaf)
leaf template
Click here to get the autumn leaf template, or you can trace real leaves from your yard.

Start by cutting out your leaf template.  You’ll use it to trace your leaf on to construction paper with a pencil.


Next, trace the leaf with a little bit of glue.  We started on the stem and worked our way around the outside edge.  We did one perimeter of the leaf at a time so it would stay tidy and we could avoid using too much glue.


As we worked our way around and around the leaf, more of it became “painted” with the yarn.  We kept going until the whole leaf was painted.  Here’s the whole crew at work:


We let them dry just a bit, then cut around the outside of our leaves.  We left just a little border around the outside so you could see the colorful paper.


They turned out so cute that we hung all our autumn leaf yarn paintings in the kitchen window.  Now I can see them and smile while I do dishes.  Between the beautiful autumn we’re having and the fun kids who made them, they can’t help but make me smile.


Hope you make some for your own little window display!  Do you have any fun autumn plans?

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