Baroque Art Cards

These Baroque Art Cards are printable postcard sized prints of famous paintings from the Baroque period.  Use them to teach your kids art appreciation and art history.  Each card is accompanied by a description that gives a little information on the piece and helps you understand what you are looking at.

Printable-Baroque-Art-Cards*Heads up: Some of the cards include nudes.

First, print the cards onto white card stock, and cut them apart on the solid lines.  The paintings are paired with their descriptions on the printable.  You’ll learn a little history, a little about the techniques, or a little about the artist. The pdf includes 6 pages of art cards, 12 different paintings, and one page of instructions.  Click on the image below to go to the free pdf.Baroque-Art-Cards

About Baroque Art

The Baroque period lasted from 1600 to about 1725.  It was a response to the Protestant Reformation and the art of northern Europe.  The style uses the larger than life figures of the Renaissance paired with a realism that had taken over in northern European Reformation art. Baroque art is ornate and detailed.  It is emotional.  It shows areas that are very light and by contrast, very dark.  Baroque art included paintings of everyday scenes, landscape art, and still-lifes.  There are also traditional Bible, historical, and mythological scenes.

How To Use the Cards

You can use the Baroque Art Cards as a matching game with the images on one group and the descriptions in the other.  The kids choose a card from each group, read the description, and see if they match.  In the process they’re learning the name of the piece, the artist, and a little about the painting.

You can also use the cards as flash cards.  Hold up an image card and see if the kids remember the name of the piece, the artist, details about the painting, or all three.  Award points for correct answers.

Each card has a date.  Arrange the cards in chronological order.  Can you see a progression of technique, style, or subject matter?  Can you arrange the cards in other ways according to different categories?

After the kids are familiar with these pieces, they can look up the artist online or in art books and see if they can recognize his style in other paintings.

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