Printable Bird Anatomy Worksheet

Learn all about birds with a printable bird anatomy worksheet.

One of our favorite ways to learn about birds is by bird watching.  Set chairs outside and have a sketchbook, pencils and colored pencils, some books about birds (field guides are wonderful), and a camera.

Before you go bird watching, you need to learn the parts of a bird so that when the guide book tells you the bird has a red crest and a white flank, you’re on top of things and know just what to look for.  You can start by labeling a bird anatomy worksheet.

Grab our free printable Bird Anatomy Worksheet:


Here are the answers:


Once you’ve finished the bird anatomy worksheet and have the parts of birds memorized, head outside for your bird watch.  Try to identify some of the birds you see while bird watching.  Sketch and photograph them.  Notice small details, both about their anatomy and their behavior.  How many different kinds did you see?  Can you spot the bird’s home?  What is it doing when it leaves home?  Have you seen it eat anything?  Can you see different kinds of feathers on it?  What colors are the bird?  Does it blend in or stand out from its surroundings?

As you sketch the bird, write notes about your observations.  Write down questions you think of as well.  You may be able to use a bird field guide to identify the type of bird you observed.

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