Bolivian Finger Puppets Craft

We made these Bolivian Finger Puppets from felt, feathers, buttons and hot glue.

You just choose your color, cut a rectangle of felt, design your face and feathers and so on, then glue on all the parts.  Finally glue the puppet into a cylinder that will slip over your finger.  Tell a story with your puppets.

Crafting brightly colored knit items is an old native tradition in Bolivia.  Real Bolivian Finger Puppets are made of alpaca wool most often.

Bolivia Explorations

First we found Bolivia on a map and read a few facts about Bolivia including these:

  • Bolivia is located high in the Andes Mountains
This map of Bolivia was created by the UN, public domain.
  • Bolivia is landlocked, but they have a navy that practices on Lake Titicaca
  • Bolivians believe the head is a sacred part of the body so they always wear hats
This woman is working on a floating platform on Lake Titicaca. Her people have lived and worked on artificial islands created on the surface of the lake since before the Inca empire.
  • It’s not against the law in Bolivia to belong to whatever religion you want, but if you want your kids in public schools they have to attend Catholic Mass on Sundays.
  • Bolivia is named after Simon Bolivar, the South American freedom fighter who was largely responsible for throwing off Spanish rule in the 1800’s.

Additional Layers

  • Alpaca farming has become popular in the US and other parts of the world.  See if there’s an alpaca farm near you where you can see these South American animals in person.
  • Here are some Myths and Tales of Bolivia you can browse through when deciding what stories to tell with your finger puppets.
  • Kids are good at memorizing.  Have them memorize the countries of South America.

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