Harry Potter Wand Tutorial

Wizard-Wand-TutorialAny of our long time readers know what huge Harry Potter fans we are.  Michelle lovingly calls her homeschool Copher’s School of Mishaps and Mayhem (a wee bit like Hogwart’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry).  We both have house teams and award house points, vying for the envied house cups which are awarded at our End of Term feasts.  The kids are enrolled in Defense Against the Dark Arts (scripture study), and whenever possible we dovetail our other subjects in with Hogwart’s subjects as well.  Astronomy, Ancient Runes, and Potions (Chemistry) have all made it into the curriculum.  We also give our kids O.W.L.S in place of grades.

I’ve been reading the series to my kids lately and thought it would be really fun to throw a Halloween Feast and call it a Book Project!  (If you aren’t a long time reader and don’t know what a book project is you can read about them here. . . we call them “book reports minus the boring!“)  {Usually the kids are the ones assigned to do the book projects, but hey, Mom can give herself an assignment now and again too, right?}

I spent about a week preparing our menu, decorations, and games.  I also wanted each kid to be presented with their own wand.  Always on a budget, I decided to craft my own.  My friend, Rebecca, made some for her kids too, and told me how easy it is.  It was really simple, and the whole project (all 3 wands) cost me less than $2.00.

Harry Potter Wand Tutorial

I started with a simple wood dowel and cut it into three different lengths – 15 inches for my youngest daughter, 15 1/2 inches for my older daughter, and 16 inches for my son.  I wanted each wand to be unique and feel like their own.

We sanded the edges down a bit and roughed them up too.  Just so they wouldn’t be so perfectly smooth.  Next, we used hot glue from a glue gun and made designs with the glue all over the wands.  Again, we did three different styles.  We did one with lots of swirls and squiggles, one with a diagonal stripe (like a candy candy stripe, except intentionally less perfect), and one with knobs like the Elder wand.  For the one that resembles the Elder Wand we used lots of layers of hot glue, letting it dry in between each time.


We propped them up in a cookie rack and used the cool setting on my hair dryer to expedite the drying in between hot glue layers.



After they were all done we just painted them with a variegated mixture of brown and black paint, keeping them looking like a natural stick rather than a monochromatic dowel.  The color differences are subtle, but help the wands look more authentic.


We did quite a few paint layers because we figure they’ll get a lot of use.  We probably did about 8 layers of paint when all was said and done.


 They turned out looking pretty awesome.  The kids have no idea we made them.  They keep saying how careful they have to be with their wands because they are so expensive.  That Ollivander’s is pricey!


I also attached descriptions to each wand – a little scroll that said:

Ollivander’s Wands

Ollivander’s Makers of Fine Wands since 382 B.C.
Every Ollivander’s wand has a core of powerful magical substance.  We use unicorn hairs, phoenix tail feathers, and the heartstrings of dragons.  No two Ollivander’s wands are the same, just as no two unicorns, dragons, or phoenixes are quite the same.  You will never get such good results with another wizard’s wand.

Then at the bottom of each of their scrolls was written their own wand’s description:

Unicorn Hair, Willow, 15 inches
This wand chooses . . . Isabel!
Phoenix Feather, Maple, 15 1/2 inches
This wand chooses . . . Elizabeth!
Dragon Heartstring, Ash, 16 inches
This wand chooses . . . Tyler!

The wands and scrolls were wrapped in brown paper tied with twine and arrived at the table “by Owl Post” right in the middle of our feast.  After the feast they had to go on a Horcrux hunt (a treasure hunt of sorts) and track down all the hidden horcruxes in our back yard with their wands.  They had clues as to where the horcruxes were hidden.

They found them all.  Voldemort is officially defeated now.  But the spell casting at our place is far from over.




(Not familiar with that last one?  That’s the one my son made up that apparently causes plungers to shoot out of your wand at your opponent.  He’s making a spellbook complete with the tried and true spells plus plenty from his own imagination!)

Hope you have fun making your own wizard wands.



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