Book Report Cards

Kids are always the ones getting the grades; it’s time to turn the tables and let them do the grading with these Book Report Cards.  At least every other week I ask my kids to create some kind of book project about a book they’ve read.  Sometimes they go all out with dioramas, character costumes, or setting boxes, but fairly often they take a simpler route.  Sometimes a little printable is just the ticket for learning and sharing the book without all the hassle of an elaborate project.

Book Report Card

This free printable form is a book report card.  Instead of a typical book report, kids can fill out the report card on the book.  They will grade it on its characters, catchy beginning, and other criteria.  There are also spaces for them to write a recommendation and other information about their book.  Click right here or on the picture below to get the printable Book Report Card.

Book Report Card
Click on the picture to get this printable Book Report Card.

Presenting Your Book

We always share our book projects with an audience.  Make sure to share what you thought about your book, present the grades you gave it, and tell why.

Your older kids might enjoy writing actual book reviews on sites like Amazon, Good Reads, or other websites.  Real people can benefit from their reviews.

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