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This book review book project will work for any book, and for almost any age, elementary through high school and even beyond.  Choose any book you’ve read and write a book review on it.  Little ones can even have the book read to them and dictate what they want their review to say (while Mom, Dad, or an older sibling do the physical writing).  Older students can become progressively more independent and in depth.  Book reviews work for both fiction and non-fiction, all reading levels, and all genres.


A book review comes in 3 parts:

1. The first paragraph tells the main idea of the book.  What is it about?  What point is trying to be made?  Just briefly summarize it without giving away all the details.  This is the kind of writing you’ll often find within the dust jacket of the book that intends to draw you in and entice you to keep reading.

2.  The next section tells your opinion about the book.  How do you feel about it?  Do you agree or disagree with the author?  Did you enjoy it?  Why?  Were there favorite parts?  How about parts you thought were just terrible?  This is your chance to either convince your readers to pick up the book or stay far away.  It’s your platform.

3.  The final paragraph tells the most important idea you learned from the book.  How did the theme speak to you?  What did you learn?  How are you changed from reading it?  What delighted you within it?  Even if you hated the book and gave it a bad review, likely you took something away.  Perhaps you learned how NOT to write or feel about something.  If you hated the character and how he acted, perhaps you learned how unattractive one of his particular traits is.  One way or another, there is always something you can take from a book.

Simple as that!  It can be kind of fun to review one book that you really enjoyed and one that you really hated.  It makes for an interesting comparison and can help you discover what kinds of books and authors you really enjoy.

Publish Your Review

If you’d like, there are simple places you can publish your reviews.  Goodreads is one of the most famous, but a google search for book review sites will yield an amazing amount of results (or google kid book reviews if you’re looking for a site just for kids!)  These sites are also a great place to find out about what others love to read and recommend.

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