Cheesecloth Halloween Ghost

We’ve been making fun decorations and art projects to go all around our house in celebration of Halloween this month.  This latest project is my favorite though – doesn’t this little floating ghost make you love this holiday?


This project is easy and inexpensive, and besides that, your kids will be amazed.  All you need is:

  • an empty 2 liter pop bottle
  • a piece of cheescloth
  • a foil ball
  • pipe cleaners (or wire)
  • liquid starch in a spray bottle
  • black vinyl, cardstock, or felt

You start by wrapping the pipe cleaners around the neck of the 2 liter pop bottle, then putting the foil ball on top.  We didn’t secure the ball; we just kind of wrapped part of the foil around the neck of the bottle.  This is your ghost form.  You can see that the foil ball will make the head, and the pipe cleaners will be the “arms” of your ghost.

Cheesecloth-Ghost-Halloween-Craft-(5)After that, you just drape the cheesecloth on top.  We folded ours in half and made it double thick, but single works just fine too; it all depends on how thick you want your ghost to be.  Once you’ve draped it the way you want, you just spray the whole thing with liquid starch.  We went over the whole ghost about 3 times with our spray bottle.



The more starch you use, the more hard your ghost will become.  Ours is stable enough that he stands well on his own without any trouble, but he’s not unbendable.  We let him dry for about 4 hours or so, then carefully removed him from his form.  Then we let him finish drying.  We left him overnight to make sure he was completely dry.  You can expedite this whole process with a hair dryer if you don’t want to wait.

The next morning we used scraps of black vinyl and hand cut the eyes and mouth.  My daughter stuck them right on to Boo, our little ghostie.  You could glue cardstock or black felt eyes on just as easily if you don’t have vinyl.


We all love little Boo.  He sits on our buffet with some of our garden pumpkins.


My kids are amazed by how he stands up all on his own, looking like he’s floating.  They show every one of their friends who comes over, and all those little jaws drop!  I have to admit, I love walking by Boo too – I have Halloweeny things all over our house, but he really is my new favorite.

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Hope you try making your own cheesecloth Halloween ghost, and please go check out more Halloween fun, crafts, and learning in our Holidayopedia!

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