Christmas Nativity Photo Shoot

We set up this backdrop and got the kids all dolled up in costumes just to do a Christmas Nativity photo shoot as part of our homeschool kids Christmas party.  It was totally for fun so we didn’t worry about beautiful poses or handsome smiles.

The costumes were quickly sewn rectangles of fabric.  Just sew up the two sides, leaving space at the top for the arms and cut out a small circle for the neck.  In order for the child’s head to fit through cut a slit straight down the front of the costume.


Most of the costumes then got a belt of fabric (I didn’t even bother to sew the belts) and a head covering, just a big rectangle of fabric drawn back around the head from the front and fastened with a safety pin behind.



The back drop is just a couple of sheets.  A blue sheet simulates the sky and a white sheet, which I spray painted with khaki color, becomes the stable after adding on a bit of brown paint for the rafters and roof line.



Our baby Jesus is actually a teddy bear . . . having a household of six boys means we’re a bit short in the doll department.  Also, there’s no Mary for the same reason.


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