Columbus Day Crafts

Here are some awesome ideas from around the web for Columbus Day Crafts to celebrate and learn today:

Columbus Explorations

Things to do and discuss with your kids:

  • Some people think Columbus was a hero and others think he was a villain.  What are the arguments for both sides?  What do you think and why?
  • Make a timeline of exploration and talk about why at this time in world history the world became explored and connected as it never had before.
  • What motivated Christopher Columbus to sail across an unknown ocean?  What motivated Queen Isabelle to finance the trip?
  • Learn about the Pinzon brothers of Palos and how the trip would never have happened without their influence and support.
  • Find some places in the New World named after Columbus.
  • People, usually trying to downplay Columbus’ importance, say he didn’t really discover the New World anyway because people like Leif Erickson, Brendan the Navigator, the Phoenicians and obviously the natives had already found it.  Of course that is true and yet in Columbus’ day no one knew a whole continent lay there in the Ocean Sea.  Columbus paved the world for the most dramatic changes that have ever taken place in society, some of those good and some bad.

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