Continent Research Worksheet

I frequently take the kiddos to the library for some good old fashioned research.  I know, I know…the internet has it all, but there’s just something awesome about finding things in a book.  Before we go I try to give them a directed research form so they know what kinds of information they’re looking for (and what I expect!) ahead of time.  Besides the basics, I also encourage them to find out some crazy or cool facts that impress them, and I have them list as many of those as they can find on the back of their research sheet.  We usually also bring a notebook with plenty of paper for them to draw pictures (like a flag of the country) and jot down project ideas and notes.


Here’s an example of a printable Continent Research Form that I would give my kiddos:

Continent Research Form

It’s really simple and straightforward, but provides a great jump-off point for finding out information about a topic.  The same idea can be used for research on any subject–animals, wars and other historical events, scientific principles, biographical research, ANYTHING!

Once the information is down on the sheet it can be transformed into all kinds of things–stories, reports, lap books, 3 sided projects, oral presentations…and on and on and on.

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