Cranberry Blowing

I’m a huge fan of all things Christmas, so we always take off the last two weeks in December from homeschool so we can have lots of time for games, parties, baking, crafts, and fun.  We have lots of traditions because I really believe that fun traditions help build strong, close families.

One of our Christmastime traditions is cranberry blowing.  It’s one of the games at our Christmas Eve party each year.  A cranberry blow is a contest where each contestant gets a cranberry and tries to keep it up in the air with only their breath.  The cranberry sits atop your lips and you gently blow, trying to keep the cranberry floating in the air longer than everyone else.

Tyler has been our cranberry blowing champ for the past few years. He’s really got the knack for it!

We all line up along the floor, then on the go signal, everyone makes their cranberry float!  If your cranberry falls, you’re out.


It’s much harder than it looks!  It actually takes a lot of practice.


We usually play a few rounds before crowning a cranberry blowing champ.  Inevitably we all end up laughing as everyone crawls around searching for their stray cranberries.  For such a simple game, it sure is a hoot!  Sometimes we follow it up with trying to eat straight cranberries – a fear factor type of challenge for my kids who don’t like anything tart!

Do you have any favorite holiday traditions?  Leave us a comment or come find us on social media.  We’re always on the lookout for new, fun ideas!

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