Creative Writing: Scavenger Hunt Stories

Here’s a simple, fun creative writing assignment for kids of all ages called Scavenger Hunt Stories.


To go on a scavenger hunt you begin with a list of items and search them out as quickly as possible.  You might want to take the kids on a short scavenger hunt so they get the idea if they’ve never done it before.

This scavenger hunt story creative writing assignment is a twist on the regular scavenger hunt.  It takes you on a search in your own mind instead of in the physical world.  Give each student the scavenger hunt list.  For each item on the list, they must quickly write a description.  {Once you’ve “found” each item in writing, you’ll dovetail your items into a story, but don’t reveal the story part of the assignment just yet.  It’s more fun if each of these items is considered isolated from the others.}

Begin by writing a vivid, specific description of each of these items on the list:

  • a lost object
  • something brand new that you saved up for and bought
  • something unpleasant
  • an angry exchange
  • a joke
  • an outrageous person
  • a surprise

Once you have a description for each item, use as many of the descriptions as you can to write one story.    You have to get everything in there, whether or not you feel like it melds perfectly.  You can change the wording to flow into the story, as long as you incorporate the list item you described.  Scavenger hunt writing can be a bit like a puzzle, trying to make everything fit under one umbrella is a little trickier than you might think!

If you want, this writing exercise makes a great competition, just like a regular scavenger hunt.  Anyone who can incorporate all 7 items gets to read their story aloud and try to get the most votes for best story.

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