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Building a Layers of Learning Homeschool

Layers of Learning is a hands-on style of homeschooling where parents and kids are actively learning together. It’s a paradigm shift in the way you think about curriculum and school. The resources on this page can help you change your mindset and get organized to have a Layers of Learning homeschool.

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Layers of Learning Philosophy

Every curriculum has an underlying set of principles that emerge from the author’s worldview. Before you start using a curriculum it is important to understand that worldview. So what is the Layers of Learning philosophy? Enlightenment is the Goal The reason people study history, geography, science, and art (the Layers of Learning subjects) is to …

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What To Do When You Can’t Find Great Books – Correlation Charts, Videos, & Booklists to Supplement Layers of Learning

If you have trouble finding perfect library books to go with Layers of Learning, take advantage of the spine books with correlation charts, YouTube playlists, and other resources you’ll find right here.

Printable notebook covers for Layers of Learning

Layers of Learning Notebook Covers

We have a variety of free printable notebook covers for your Layers of Learning homeschool. Covers by Year If you’ve purchased the PDF version of Layers of Learning and intend to print it, here are some free printable notebook covers. They also include matching spines.  You’ll find all 4 printable covers as well as a …

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How to help kids use Layers of Learning More Independently

How to Help Kids Use Layers of Learning More Independently

Layers of Learning is a family curriculum and we think group learning is one of its best strengths.  But the truth is your circumstances may not be ideal for gathering everyone around in the living room and learning together.  You might need your kids to be more independent.  We’ll show you how to help kids …

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how to use layers of learning as a grab and go curriculum

How to Use Layers of Learning as a Grab and Go Curriculum

Layers of Learning is best if you do some planning, but we all have days or periods in our lives when planning in any degree is just not going to happen.  So I’m going to walk you through how to use Layers of Learning as a grab and go curriculum, a method where you can …

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Games To Introduce A Unit

We love games in our homeschool!  We play lots of review games to help us remember what we’ve learned, but we also play some games to introduce a unit.  Layers of Learning units last us two or three weeks, so at the beginning of each you can just choose one simple game to get your kids geared …

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Writing Narrations

Writing narrations is a perfect way to dovetail writing in your homeschool with history, geography, science, and art. Family school is easier when you can combine some of the subjects and learn together!

Homeschool Requirements, Charter Schools, & Layers of Learning

How does Layers of Learning fit in with the homeschool requirements of my state, country, or charter school? Homeschool requirements vary from country to country and state to state.  You might be worried about meeting your specific requirements.  Many of you work with charter schools that have their own specific requirements as well.  Charter funds …

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Review Games for Homeschoolers

We believe learning should be fun, so we play a lot more games than we give tests.  Games are one of my favorite ways to assess my kids’ knowledge in our homeschool.  They are like a test that kids don’t even realize they’re taking!  These are all review games we play to help us see …

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Garrett taking a test

How to Evaluate Layers of Learning Assignments and Courses

You’ve been using Layers of Learning for awhile now and you realize you need to assign grades.  How do you go about evaluating work in an experienced based curriculum that includes no tests and is for multiple ages? Evaluations include tests, writing assignments, and projects.  You can give grades for these things, or not.  It’s …

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Routines for a Happy Homeschool

Part of having an effective homeschool is having an efficient home, and great routines make the difference between chaos and efficiency. Help!  We Need A Morning Routine A good morning routine will get your kids ready for learning more quickly and gently than the constant repetitious mom-directions we tend to engage in.  How often do …

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Mom working with girls painting

Make the Leap From Teaching to Learning Together

Maybe because I knew so little when I started my homeschooling my kids, I have never taught in the traditional school teacher way, standing up front and lecturing, being an expert.  I’ve always approached learning as an activity that I do with my kids.  So that’s the way Layers of Learning curriculum is structured.  It …

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Adapting Layers of Learning For High School

Homeschooling in high school feels like a whole new ball park.  Do you want to have the hands-on family-style homeschool that Layers of Learning provides, but you aren’t sure it’s rigorous enough for your high schooler?  Adapt it!  Every homeschool kid deserves a tailored education plan. As my kids have begun high school, I’ve noticed …

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How to Use a Tablet to Read, Plan, and Print Layers of Learning Units

How to Use a Tablet With Layers of Learning Units

Layers of Learning sells digital pdfs. Here is how to use a tablet with Layers of Learning to make it (nearly) paper-free. I, Michelle, use Layers of Learning directly from my tablet.  I make notes, view the unit, click on links, and print worksheets all from my iPad without ever using a physical book or …

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How to Plan a Layers of Learning Unit and Year

How to Plan A Layers of Learning Unit and Year

Layers of Learning is a little different from a typical curriculum because we give you the freedom to choose books and activities within the curriculum.  You have to think of it more like a huge guided activity book.  But it can be difficult to get your head around how to plan a Layers of Learning …

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Finding Joy in Your Homeschool

In life, what we all really want is joy.  We want to feel happy and fulfilled and enjoy our lives.  Since homeschool is a huge part of who we are, we need to find joy in our homeschool if we want joyful lives.  Here are a few things that have worked for me. Be Consistent …

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Homeschooling in High School

Homeschooling in High School

Homeschooling in high school is a whole new ball park. Even seasoned homeschool moms question whether or not it’s a good idea. Not only are the subjects and material more advanced, but the stakes are higher and more long term. What kids do in high school can be a slingshot for future college paths, careers, …

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How To Make A Homeschool Portfolio

Making a homeschool portfolio is one of the easiest ways to track and record kids’ progress in school.  Before we get into it much further though, I want to encourage you to find out the laws and requirements in your state or country.  You also need to be aware of requirements for any charter school …

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How To Begin Homeschooling

In short, you begin homeschooling at the beginning.  Your beginning may be a different place than mine.  I began when my oldest was starting kindergarten, which will look very different from the homeschooler that is beginning in the middle of 2nd grade when a reading disability is discovered, or during 5th grade when a difficult …

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Homeschooling an Extrovert

Public school is tailored quite well for extroverts, but homeschool can provide a unique challenge for an extroverted kid.  Extroverts get energy from people, so being home and quietly tending to the tasks of schoolwork can feel draining for an extrovert.  While your introverted child will sit quietly with a book, doing research, and writing …

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Layers of Learning at FacebookCome to the Layers of Learning Facebook group to ask questions and share ideas. Whether you’re already using Layers of Learning or just thinking about it, it’s a super supportive place full of all sorts of homeschoolers from all over the world, every walk of life, and a variety of belief systems.

Layers of Learning on PinterestFind ideas for every unit in the Layers of Learning Community Pinterest boards. Layers of Learning families pin things they come across that pair well with each unit. Browse around a bit.

You Tube IconExplore the Layers of Learning YouTube channel. There are videos from Michelle and Karen about Layers of Learning.

Then once you’re using Layers of Learning, you’ll love it even more. There are playlists for every unit about every topic.

Get Your Planning Mastered

Units at a Glance PDFYou need the Units at a Glance. It’s in the front of every Layers of Learning unit, but here’s a printable copy to stick in the front of your planner so you can see all the Layers of Learning topics on a two page spread at once.Refer to your Units at a Glance when you’re planning your year with Karen’s pacing guide, which you can get in her free homeschool planning packet.

Layers of Learning Unit PlannerNext, get a Layers of Learning Planner especially designed to map out Layers of Learning units. It’s only 99¢ and it’s a pdf that you can print again and again. It also has pages for planning out each week and keeping track of grades among other things.

Explore the Resources in the Catalog

The Layers of Learning catalog isn’t just where you buy units, it’s also where you can find extras, like links to the YouTube playlists and Pinterest boards for each unit, extra printables, and lots of links to more learning around the web. Watch the video as Karen gives you a tour of the catalog.

How to Homeschool For Brand New Homescholers

Karen from Layers of Learning

If you’re brand new to homeschooling you may be feeling overwhelmed. Karen has a guide for brand new homeschoolers, including a free printable booklet to organize your thoughts and directions and map out your curriculum choices for the coming years.