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Learn to use Layers of Learning and Writer's Workshop, build your home into a family school, start homeschooling for the first time, plus get all your other questions answered.  Use these guides below!  Or scroll down to see all the Layers of Learning tutorials.

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Homeschool Science Curriculum in a Four Year Cycle

As Karen and I were hashing out how we wanted the Layers of Learning curriculum to be organized I assumed we would do science in a traditional pattern.  We would study biology one year, earth science the next, follow that up with chemistry, and then top it all off with a year of physics, then …

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Is Homeschooling Really Right For Us?

Have you been at this homeschooling thing for awhile, but you are still struggling?  Are you questioning your decision or feeling burned out and inadequate?  Do you feel out of energy and out of ideas?  Are you worried that maybe you made the wrong decision when you decided to homeschool?  These are some common worries …

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A Day In Our Homeschool

People, mostly mildly curious, but sometimes sincerely wanting to know if they could ever manage homeschooling, ask me what do we do when we’re “doing school”?  I usually give a short reply like “workbooks and stuff”.  How exactly do you coherently and yet succinctly explain what a homeschool day at your house is like? But …

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Exploration Stations

I want to raise curious kids who are lifelong learners, so I’ve created a home that can help foster those traits in my kids.  Around the house, I’ve set up various areas which I call Exploration Stations. We have a cupboard with science supplies, a drawer with creative writing materials, an art cubby, a nature …

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Reviewing by Fishing

We’re big fans of alternatives to boring test taking for the younger set, especially the under ten crowd.  Here’s an easy and fun idea for reviewing the facts you’ve learned in history, geography, science, art, religion or many other subjects. Go fishing!  Print out our Fishing Game Template.  Write in your own questions for whatever …

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Homeschooling Styles

When I started homeschooling it seemed like everyone I spoke with and every book I read talked about homeschooling styles. Everyone wants to know what “style” of homeschooler you are. Well, I wasn’t sure what style I was until I tried each one on for a bit. Here are a few that you might “try …

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Homeschool Structure

I am constantly asked about what our homeschool is like, especially by people who are considering homeschooling themselves.  They want to know how it’s done.  They wonder what our schedule and homeschool structure are like.  (Interestingly enough, they rarely ask about what I teach, what books we read, or the terrific resources I use.)  The …

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“How Do I Cover Everything?” . . . and Other Questions From Homeschool Moms

Over and over I hear the same several questions from homeschool moms, and I want to put your mind at ease a bit as you begin homeschooling by answering them right up front.  Here they are: How do I cover everything? Can I teach things I don’t know? How do I homeschool when life is …

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