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One of the things I’ve been working on with my kids is just getting things down on paper when they are given a writing assignment.  They seem to have these mental blocks where they just stare at the paper.

So I made these story starters to use during a timed “writing frenzy”.  Since you draw from four different idea bags, this method gives endless story starters.

Before we start writing the kids chose one slip of paper from each of the baggies.  In one baggie is the topic, in another is the problem, in another is an adjective, and in the last is an object.  You can mix the cards around any way you like for your story.  In the cards drawn below, either the mom could be crazy or the math homework could be.

The rule for our writing frenzy is that everyone has to write for the entire time period.  They can write their name over and over and over for the whole ten minutes, or they can write about the way the clouds look outside the window, or they can use the story starter we drew out of the bags. The story starter is a fun way to get creativity moving, but I kept it optional.  Having the story starter also prevents the “I don’t have anything to write about” whine.

I have noticed a difference in the ease with which my kids are able to write for any assignment they are given after doing this activity two or three times a week for several months.

Here is the printable set of Story Starters for you.   The pdf has blank spaces that are editable so you can add in some words that are unique to your family or your class.  We put our kids names in our set, places we have lived, and stuff like that.  Print each type of card onto a different color of card stock.

Writing Prompts Printable

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