Earth & Space Resources for Layers of Learning

Below you will find web links, extra printables, and other resources to use along with the Earth & Space units in the Layers of Learning curriculum.

Earth & Space is sold as a single volume and as individual units, which are like chapters within the Earth & Space book. Here is a free printable cover to accompany your Earth & Space PDF units.

How Science Works

Planet Earth

Plate Tectonics



Seasons & Climate


  • Weather YouTube Playlist


Solar System

  • Solar System YouTube Playlist
  • Visit the NASA student site to read articles about what is going on with the International Space Station, the latest space probes, and the Mars Rovers.  Plus get alerted to student opportunities for internships and more.

Free Samples

Try family-style homeschooling now with free samples of four Layers of Learning units when you subscribe. You'll get to try family-style history, geography, science, and arts with your children.


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