Easter Blocks

These Easter blocks are a simple craft my daughter and I made together.  I just love seeing that little chick peek out at me from our shelf!  I can’t help but smile when I see him.


To make them, start with a 1″ x 3″ board.  I used some scrap wood we had laying around that was leftover from some other project.  I also used a scrap piece of wood I had laying around for the chick’s block, which needs to be just slightly wider than the 1″ x 3″.

I just cut each of the blocks random lengths using my chop saw, making sure I had a few taller and a few shorter.  I like it best when they aren’t all the same height.  Then I used my scroll saw to cut out the chick in an oval shape with a flat bottom.  I drew my shape in pencil and then just cut along my pencil line.

Sand the blocks a bit to get rid of any rough edges.

Choose 5 of your favorite pastel colors and paint each of your blocks a different color.  Paint the chick block a soft yellow.  When the yellow is dry, paint the orange beak and feet.  Use a sponge to make the cheeks highlighted with the same soft orange paint.  When that coat is dry, outline the features using a black paint pen.

Wait for all of the paint to dry well, then attach the wiggly eyes and yellow feathers with a glue gun.  Adhere vinyl letters on to the other blocks and you’re done!

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