Eggs in a Basket

A few years ago my Mom surprised my sisters and I with a trip to Prince Edward Island, home of L.M. Montgomery who wrote Anne of Green Gables, a favorite childhood book of ours.  It was a splendid week, full of all the charm and wonder you would expect after having read her books.  We stayed in a little cottage right behind Green Gables and took in all the sights and sounds of the island.


Every morning we had breakfast at the bed and breakfast parlor near the cottage, and one morning we were served these cute little eggs in a basket.  I’ve been making them ever since, and they always bring me right back to Prince Edward Island.


The best part is that they are really simple, even when I’m half-asleep still in the morning, but they look really special, a little fancy even.


  • Ham rounds
  • Eggs
  • Grated Cheese
  • Salt and Pepper


Here’s what you do:

Start by putting round ham slices into the cups of muffin tins. It’s prettiest with rounds, but it tastes just as good with rectangles if that’s all you have.  They don’t need to be at all perfect.


Next, you’ll drop an egg into each one.


Half of my family likes them scrambled up inside, so I just break the yoke with a fork right there inside the ham in the muffin tin.  I leave some of them with the yokes whole.  They all get a little sprinkle a salt and pepper.


Next, put your toppings on. I sprinkle a bit of grated cheese (any kind).


That’s the basic recipe, but if you’d like you can add more toppings.  In the summer when my garden is growing I like to add fresh herbs. There’s no such thing as a fresh herb that doesn’t taste good with eggs. Try any of these: anise, basil, chervil, chives, coriander, cumin, dill, lemon balm, marjoram, mint, parsley, rosemary, sage, tarragon, or thyme.  Other veggies like ribboned spinach or tiny diced tomatoes and bell peppers are delicious too.  Then you just bake them at 350 degrees for 10-15 minutes until the egg is cooked through. You can cook them a bit more or less depending on how well you like your eggs done.


They come right out of the muffin tins and keep their perfect, little shape – little eggs in a basket of yummy ham.


Eggs in a Basket are a  perfect little breakfast in its own cup!  This makes a super simple breakfast or brunch.  They are also great for taking along if you’re in a hurry.  We like to make them ahead of time and take them camping or on a car trip.  They freeze really well and can be reheated.  They are even yummy cold.  Put them on an English muffin for a homemade “egg mcmuffin.”  So many fun ways to eat them!  And no matter where or how I eat them, they always take me right back to Prince Edward Island.

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