Enough Treats! It’s Time For Some Halloween Tricks!

When we think of Halloween, it’s usually the treats that come to mind.  We say trick-or-treat, and then the treats come rolling in.  But what about the tricks?  You can make Halloween tricks a fun part of your holiday too.


Just for fun, try out these Halloween tricks instead of treats:

  • Get dressed up in your Halloween best and go ring a doorbell.  When they answer, put candy in their bowl.
  • Write a scary mirror message.  Use your finger to write “I’m watching you!” on the bathroom mirror.  You can breathe on it to make sure your message is there.  Let it dry on its own.  Next time someone takes a shower the message will appear.
  • When you ring the doorbell, call out “Canned goods and meat!”
  • Hide tons of fake spiders in all the beds in your house.
  • Make caramel onions instead of caramel apples for your kids.  (Better make some apples too so they won’t be mad at you forever!)
  • Go to a friend’s door and tape up giant black garbage sacks to it.  Now ring the bell and watch from a distance.
  • Dress up so you can’t be recognized.  Join a group of kids you know around the neighborhood as they trick-or-treat.  They’ll go nuts not knowing who you are.


Have fun with your Halloween tricks!!!

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