Europe Art Project

Here is a simple Europe art project you can do with young students who are learning the continents.


Start by printing out the Europe Outline Map.

Europe simple outline web

Then choose two sets of colors in marker, one set for the water and one set for the continent.  The specific colors don’t matter, but the water should contrast with the continent so it shows up.  You will want to talk to kids about colors that will look nice together at this point.  You can talk about color families and use the color wheel to show them complementary colors.

Then the kids will trace along the outline of the continent using their colors in a pattern.  The pattern for our continent was red, orange, yellow, red, orange, yellow . . . Keep tracing until all the white space is filled.  Younger kids, preschool, K, and 1st can do fewer lines and leave lots more white space as young kids tire sooner and this project will take them much longer than it would an older child.


This project teaches the shape of Europe as the kids trace it over and over.  It also practices motor control with a writing utensil, patterning, and complimentary colors.

Before or after doing this project have the kids practice naming all of the continents with a large wall map, a puzzle, or songs.

Additional Layers

  • Some maps are made with contour lines.  Some older students may already know about contour lines and be confused with this art project.  Make sure they understand that the lines they are drawing on this map are not contour lines.
  • Can you name of the seas and land features on this map?  Baltic Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Atlantic Ocean, North Sea, Strait of Gibraltar, the Iberian Peninsula, the Scandinavian Peninsula, Italian Peninsula, and Alps Mountains.  Kids from about 5th grade should become familiar with these details and be able to point them out on a blank map like this one.

More From Layers of Learning

Layers of Learning features an entire unit to help your family learn all about the continent in Layers of Learning Unit 1-17.  We also have a continent research form and lots of other continent projects, like this cool South America crown.

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