Exotic and Easy Easter Eggs


There are so many cool things to do when you dye Easter eggs.  Try a few this year…

  • Put bits of colored art tissue paper on a square of plastic wrap.  Wet the hard boiled egg, then set it on the tissue bits.  Wrap the plastic around the egg while pressing the tissue paper against it.  Remove them, then let the egg dry.  The egg will have picked up the color from the tissue paper.
  • Put a sticker on each egg before putting it in the little dye cup.  Using letter stickers with each person’s initial is a cool way to personalize your eggs.  Once it comes out and dries, just peel the sticker off and you’ll have a perfect image.
  • Wrap the egg in rubber bands before dropping it in the dye.  You’ll end up with really cool lines and patterns.
  • Put some paint on your fingertips and create little thumbprints on your eggs.  Use a fine tipped black marker to turn the prints into little faces or animals.
  • We love to write little messages on the eggs with white crayons before they go in the dye.  Every year there is one egg with $1.00 written on it, and whoever finds that egg is one dollar richer.
  • Wrap the eggs in old silk ties for amazing patterns.  Check out the step-by-step tutorial right here.
  • Marble them.  First, you dye them normally, then paint them with a brush.

Here are a few of our eggs – dyed, painted, and marbled by our kiddos.

Easy-and-Exotic-Easter-Eggs-(4) Easy-and-Exotic-Easter-Eggs-(3) Easy-and-Exotic-Easter-Eggs-(2) Easy-and-Exotic-Easter-Eggs-(1)

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