Geography Trading Cards

You can use these printable geography trading cards as a tool to teaching kids where countries are in the world.  You’ll all learn a few facts about the countries too.  They are a fun little lesson for anyone, but will give your athletic or sports-crazy kids something right up their alley.  The baseball card style makes a perfect peg on which to hang their knowledge of the countries of the world.

Just click on the link above or the picture below to access the free printable geography trading cards.  It works best if you print them on to card stock or another thicker paper.

printable geography trading cards for any country

Use the trading card templates to make trading cards of countries around the world.  Cut the cards apart on the solid lines, and then fold on the dotted lines. On the front of the card, draw a picture of a famous landmark in the country and write the name of the country.  Make it colorful and bright.  On the back of the card write down stats for the country, like the capital city, area in square kilometers, language spoken, national symbols, and other interesting information that makes the country unique.

Printable geography trading cards for any country

You can create and collect cards for lots of countries around the world.  Play games where you quiz each other on which country each landmark is located in, try to guess which of two countries has a greater population, or name the continent each country is located on.  Play with the cards to really learn and remember what you learned about each country.

While the kids are making the cards you can also discuss and read books about the country.  It’s always fun to read a story from there too if you have one (a German tale while you make a Germany card, etc.).  Try to incorporate some of the information on to the cards.

Hope you enjoy these printable geography cards.  And check out even more from Layers of Learning.

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