George Washington Virtues on a Wheel Craft

There are really only a few presidents in American history who are widely admired and only one who is universally admired.  That one is George Washington.  And while he was an inspired general and a unifying president it wasn’t his accomplishments that make him admired, but his character.  So we made this George Washington Virtues on a Wheel Craft to help our kids learn not only about who this man was but how to become like him.

Print the George Washington Virtues on a Wheel Craft printable onto white card stock.  Let the kids color it any way they like.  Then cut out the two circles and the window in the circle with Washington’s silhouette on it.  Attach the two circles together with a brad in the center, Washington on top, virtues beneath.

You can turn the circle to see some of the qualities of Washington.  As your kids work talk to them about who Washington was.  Be sure to point out that Washington wasn’t born with an admirable character, he actively worked on his manners, education, temperament, and behavior his whole life.

You may want to read a few stories about George Washington that illustrate his character.  I like American History Stories You Never Read in School But Should Have, which has several inspiring stories about Washington.  You may also want to read about how as a boy he wrote his “Rules of Civility” which he worked to follow his whole life.


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