Glass Marble Magnets

My kids love making glass marble magnets.  They decided to make some into little Valentine’s gifts this year.  You can make them in any theme; we’ve made alphabet ones, some that use each letter in a person’s name, lots of holiday ones, and seasonal ones.  You can also just choose some that have colors, designs, or paper that you like.

Here’s what you need to make glass marble magnets:  glass marbles (we use the flat ones), button magnets, papers, glue, scissors, and a hot glue gun.  We also used nail polish for some of ours.


Start by putting your glass marbles over various papers until you find the one you like the look of.  We used lots of pinks and hearts since ours are for Valentine’s Day.  This time we used scrapbook paper, but often we just use old magazines and find little bits that we like the look of behind the glass.


Cut the paper in a little circle about the size of the glass marble.  You can use a pencil to trace it if you’d like, but normally we just freehand cut it.


Then put a bit of glue on the back side of the glass marble and spread it around.  We’ve tried lots and lots of different glues and our favorite is plain old Elmer’s school glue.


Press the paper circle on to the glue.  It will slide all around until the glue is dry, so press it down and then just set it aside until it dries.  When you turn it over it will look mostly white because of the glue, but as it dries, it will dry clear and you’ll be able to see your design.


If you use solid paper you can write letters, words, or designs.  We made a few hearts.  It works best with Sharpie permanent markers because they won’t run when they get wet from the glue.


We also painted some of them with several coats of fingernail polish.  The glittery ones turned out amazing.  Let them dry until they’re good and hard.


Once your glass marbles are designed and dry, you can attach the magnets using just a dot of hot glue.


Watch your fingers!


We love making coordinating, but not perfectly matching sets.  They look so cute up on the fridge.


And for Valentine’s Day, we packaged up our glass marble magnets into little gift sets to give out.

Valentine-Magnet-SetI love how they turned out!  Hope you enjoy making your own little sets of glass marble magnets.  If you enjoy what you see here on Layers of Learning, I hope you’ll come follow us on social media and come chat with us.  We love meeting other parents who love teaching kids as much as we do.

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