Glue Resist Spiderwebs

Some things just won’t mix with water – oil, wax, and glue are a few.  You can use that fact to make some really cool glue resist art.  In this project you’ll mask out areas of the paper that will stay white by “drawing” with  white school glue in a design on your paper.  We decided to make a glue resist spider web design as a Halloween decoration.

Here is Isabel drawing a spiderweb using glue:

We practiced sketching a couple of spider webs on paper before we started.  The kids each chose their own design, but I showed them some spider webs so we could see their regular patterns.  They chose a point to begin from, then made lines emanating from the point.  After that, they made the cross webs.  We also placed a little glue down falling down the page that we’ll put the spider on later.  Elizabeth used nice thick glue lines, which is what you want.

Let the glue dry completely.  Once it’s dry, use watercolor paints to paint the rest of the picture.  You can use one solid color or make it colorful.  We used bold colors in the different sections of the web just for fun.  At first Tyler painted in between, then he started to trust the resist technique and painted right over the webs.


The paint won’t adhere where your glue lines are.  You’ll see the web just appear.


The more time you take caking your watercolor paints on your brush, the brighter they will become.  We get a bit of water into the paint color and then we really work the brush in to mix the paint thoroughly in.  Mix it for at least a minute before you ever put paint to paper if you want rich, vivid colors.


Once the paint is dry, you can add a spider.  You can draw it on with a Sharpie, use black pom-poms and wiggly eyes, or stick a spider ring to it.  We used a spider ring, but the kids wouldn’t leave it on the web.  Toys are too irresistible, I guess!


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