Green Pepper Shamrock Stamping

Getting excited for St. Patrick’s day around here!  Today we did green pepper shamrock stamping.  The kids and I made these very cool shamrocks.  {Yeah, me too – I couldn’t stay away from the paints for this cool project}.  I made sure to buy a couple green peppers with three sections for regular clovers and some with four so we could paint some lucky shamrocks too!


All you have to do is cut the peppers in half and then remove the seeds using your hands.  You can use both halves to stamp with.  Just press the open side of the pepper into a pool of paint, stamp it gently once on a paper towel to dab off excess paint, then stamp away on your paper.  We stamped several times before reloading the paint again.


I had several shades of green washable tempera paint so we’d have some variety to the shades.  We used green sharpies to draw stems and write messages.


Some had a collage, artsy feel . . .


While others were more “organized.”  One thing we loved was combining the shades of green paint so they could look a little marbleized.


We made some into placemats for our St. Patrick’s Day table, some became greeting cards, and others we hung as festive little decorations.




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