Halloween Activities

Today my son hosted a Halloween party for some of his friends. We’ve been gathering all kinds of cool Halloween activities, art projects, games, and treats to get ready for it.  So much of our learning is serious, planned, and in order according to what I prepare for at the beginning of the year, but it’s fun to throw in some fun and spontaneity into our plans too.  Here are a few things he did…


Origami bats – Click here for the directions:


And design-a-face pumpkins (just had a bunch of different face parts and let them color and glue on their favorites):

He had lots of really cool treats too.

The edible eyeballs were my favorite.  First, put a jelly bean inside a gummy saver and place them in the bottom of plastic easter eggs.


Mix up some vanilla pudding and pour it inside each egg half.

edible-eyeballs-2Put the eggs in the freezer and let them set up and freeze overnight.  In the morning, you pop them out and have tasty little Halloween edible eyeballs.

edible-eyeballs-3Hope you liked these Halloween activities and try one or two of them out.  And check out our Halloween Pinterest Board for lots more Halloween inspiration.  Have a fun and tasty Halloween!


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