Halloween Family Night

Once a week we have a “Family Night.” We teach a moral lesson, play a game or have an activity, and then eat a treat. It’s easy, fun, and incredibly important to keep the family close.  Here are a few ideas for having a Halloween family night, starring these Halloween games.

  • Hide the Pumpkin – just get a little decorative pumpkin from the grocery store. Take turns letting one person in the family hide it, then having the rest of the family search. Hot and cold will help if you get a really tough hider!
  • Pass the Pumpkin– Everyone sits in a circle (except “It”- s/he sits with her back to the circle and controls the music).  As music plays, pass the pumpkin around. When the music stops, whoever has the pumpkin is out!  Keep going until you have a winner!
  • Pumpkin Broom Hockey – This was a favorite for my son.  Everyone gets a broom, mop, or other makeshift hockey stick.  Divide into 2 teams, use a little pumpkin as your puck, and see which team can score the most goals.  We played outside and used little cones for our goals, but you could just as easily have a mini version inside and use throw pillows for goals.


Have some pumpkin pie for dessert and you’ve made a whole pumpkin night out of it!

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