Hand Painted Christmas Mugs

We made these hand painted Christmas mugs with our kids several years ago.


We get them out every Christmas and use them for drinking hot cocoa on special occasions during the Christmas season.


How To Make Christmas Mugs

Here’s how we did it:

  1. We started with some plain white mugs from the dollar store, one for each member of our family. Wash them first.  Running them through the dishwasher once will get rid of any factory residue.
  2. You’ll need special paints intended for ceramics.  We checked carefully to be sure the paint we chose was food safe.  The paint linked to is non toxic, but I would still use it only on surfaces that are not directly touched by food and mouths.
  3. Then we pretreated the area where we were going to paint with a conditioner that is sold with the paint we bought. (Some paints don’t need pretreating.  Follow the directions on the packaging.)
  4. Finally each child painted his own mug with whatever Christmas design he wanted.
  5. Last we baked the dishes according to the directions on the paint packaging to set the colors.


After the paint cures for several days the dishes can be hand washed in soapy water.  Ours have lasted for years of light use.


Additional Layers

  • This craft could go well with a lesson about ceramics or handcrafted arts.
  • Try some yummy new Christmas recipes to have a special treat on a family night this Christmas. Below, you’ll see one of our favorite ice cream sandwich recipes.
  • Christmas Eve and Christmas morning are obvious times to get out these mugs, but also consider a special service project night.  Your family could visit a nursing home or a children’s hospital or write letters to someone far from home. Afterward make it special by getting out your Christmas mugs.

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