Heart Attack!

Have you ever given someone a heart attack?  Normally, not such a good thing, but this style of heart attack will be appreciated…adored even.  Just cut out a bunch of paper hearts with love and admiration messages all over them.  Write every single sweet thing that you can think of about the person.  All those things you love and admire about them.  Then stick them all over a spot they will find.  You can do in on their bedroom door or all over their room, the front door of a house, stuck to the bathroom mirror, or all over their car.


This works for your husband, your kids (Even teenagers!  They LOVE to be loved even though they act prickly sometimes!), your neighbors, your friends – anyone you want to show love and appreciation to.



You can even stick them on to wooden skewers or stakes and fill your neighbor’s yard with them, or stick them all over their garage door.

And I thought you might need a cute note to go with it too, so I made these.  This first one is for individuals.

Heart Attack Printable 1

Heart Attack Printable for Individuals

This second one is for if your whole family or another group is doing the heart attack together.  (It just says “we” instead of “I”)  It would make a great family night if you all sneak heart attacked a neighbor!

Heart Attack Printable 2

Heart Attack Printable for Groups

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