Homemade Slime

Making homemade slime is one my kids’ favorite activities.  It’s really quick and impossible to mess up.

What You Need

You just need a few basic supplies – glue, liquid starch, and food coloring.  We used two kinds of glue (white school glue and clear glue) so we could make two versions of slime.

Slime Ingredients

What You Do

To make it, you just add equal parts glue and starch.  We don’t measure.  It’s not an exact science.  For each color you want you’ll need a separate bowl of glue and starch mixture.


My kids add all the ingredients themselves.  They can make it start to finish without any help.  My son poured the starch into the glue bottle so he would have about equal parts without having to dirty my measuring cups.


Next you just add a few drops of whatever color of food coloring you would like your slime to be.  Here’s my youngest adding his food coloring to his batch.


Then they mix it up with their hands.  They just massage all the ingredients together.  In about one minute they incorporate all of the ingredients and the slime becomes. . . well, slimy.  The food coloring sticks well to the slime and doesn’t really make much of a mess on their skin.  {What does get on them washed off really easily, though I never have them wear their nicest clothes when we’re playing with food coloring!}


You can see the white glue slime versus the clear glue slime above.  They have similar textures, but the clear glue looks more transparent.  The red slime above was made with white glue, while the green next to it was made with clear glue.

My kids can play with this stuff for hours.  We even keep it in a ziploc bag so they can use it over and over.  Way more fun than an hour of TV!


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