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  1. Interested to look at your “Units at a Glance” but the link is broken. I’m loving what I’m seeing here so far. When are you anticipating getting the year 3 materials up? Thanks!

    1. Thanks Jenna, just checked the link and it seems to be working. I went ahead and e-mailed you the Units at a Glance pdf just to make sure you can get it. I received the proofs for the first of the Year 3 Units today in the mail, so they should begin coming out within the next 2 weeks. Thanks!

  2. I just purchased the mom’s planner, and was excited to get to print it out tonight to get it ready, but in my email where it says ”
    Click the link below to download your order”, when I click, all I am directed to is a reciept for my order. Please help!!

    1. Hi Irma,
      What were you subscribing to? Were you signing up for our newsletter in order to receive the Free Unit 1-1 coupon code? Just checked our newsletter subscription service and it seems to be working, but we didn’t receive a request from you. Let us know if that’s what you were trying to do so we can troubleshoot the problem for you. Sorry for the confusion! Just shoot us an e-mail to contact@layers-of-learning and we’ll get you squared away as soon as possible. Thanks!
      Karen & Michelle

  3. I am very excited about this program. Planning to get the first year right away. My only sad point is that Year 4 seems like it will be too centered on American history for those of us not in the USA. I understand why it was written this way but wish there was a way to make Year 4 more about current world history so it applied to all using it around the world. Just a little wish of mine… Great looking curriculum.

    1. Hi Kori, Yes, we are aware that the Year Four in particular is very US centered and that we have many interested people from Canada, the UK, Australia and other places. We have toyed with the idea of writing a version that is more international or perhaps from the perspective of various English speaking countries. We might do that in the future.

  4. I just wanted to comment on your customer service and how outstanding it is! Thank you for your immediate help (was not expecting an answer in the middle of the night – when are you sleeping?). We loved the first unit that we tried on trial basis and just bought the first year. Can’t wait to get started! Thank you!

  5. I wanted to know how big the download for year one is? Worried about enough space on my device to get them all at once. Also would a good set of encyclopedias be enough extra resources for history and science? Really excited to try the curriculum.

    1. Unit 1-1 is 17.9 MB. All of the units are about the same size. One unit will fit on an iPad or higher end tablet, a laptop or a desk top, but probably not on a phone. We recommend only downloading to a laptop or desk top if you are purchasing the entire year.

      A history or science encyclopedia are great basic resources to keep on hand because not every topic is covered in books and sometimes you just don’t make it to the library. But every unit has recommended book lists to search out at the library (or purchase if you like) and these really help to round out the information in a non-textbooky sort of way. You could get by with just the encyclopedias, especially in the pre-high school years, but we personally always heavily use our local libraries.

  6. I’m a little confused. I thought I read that you plan for a 40 week school year, but all of these units are 20 weeks. Are you suppose to go through 2 units a year?

    1. Do you mean Unit 4-4? We are ordering the proofs even now. It will probably be another three weeks before it’s out though. It includes revolutions around the world, the geography of the mountain west (United States), energy, and the second half of Romantic arts, mostly poetry and music.

  7. I’m very interested in starting the curriculum with my will-be first grader in the fall of this year (2017). It looks like Unit 4-4 will be completed and released this year for sure, do you have a release schedule for the rest of Unit 4 (5-20)? Also, what do you recommend users doing for year 4 if they have completed years 1-3 and all of 4 is not released yet?

  8. I thought when I looked at this before, that there was a place I read somewhere, on the site about the spine books. I had 4 of them. but wanted to go back and look at rest. I didn’t see on the free pdf either. thank you, for that btw.

    1. We used to sell them on Teachers Pay Teachers, but the products we sell there are different now because of different terms TPT has adopted. The items we sell on TPT are mini units (just a portion of our full units). We do work directly with a lot of charter schools though. We also sell all of our unit books through Rainbow Resource Catalog, which most charter schools use as a vendor. If you have more questions or want to speak directly about your situation, feel free to e-mail us at and we’ll do our best to help you with your specific needs. Thanks Gwendolynne!

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