Homeschool Inspiration

Homeschool Inspiration

If you've been homeschooling awhile and need some fresh inspiration, you're in the right place.  Maybe you are encountering some new challenges.  Are you still struggling to get organized after years of homeschooling?  Is high school on the horizon?  In Michelle's Inspiration for Homeschool Vets, we'll tackle all of that and more.  It's a series of articles to help you steer a course to an even better homeschool.  You'll find an index to the topics below.  I recommend going straight through them one by one, but you're welcome to jump around if something catches your eye.

Hi there.  I'm Michelle.  I have homeschooled my six boys for many, many years.  That's vet status right there.  I know the pain of being in a homeschool rut. I know the frustration of not having enough time to myself.  It can be hard to juggle it all and stay full of ideas and fresh enthusiasm.  As your kids get older, the pressure of how to homeschool in high school becomes all too real.  In some ways, homeschooling gets a lot easier as your kids begin to be able to learn more independently, but each new year also brings its own new hurdles.

Exhaustion.  No new ideas.  Never enough time.

Transcripts and requirements and teenagers.

Messes and mayhem.

I've been there and somehow managed to come out the other side.  Best of all, I've learned some things along the way.  If you've been at this awhile but want even more out of homeschooling, hopefully, you'll find this page helpful.