Ice Marbles

Ice marbles are the perfect cure for the winter blahs.  We often start feeling really cooped up in the middle of winter with long days of homeschool and short days of sunshine.  These bright bursts of color liven us all up.

They are really easy to make, but you have to plan ahead so they’ll have time to freeze before the sun goes down and it’s too dark and cold to play.


Fill up some balloons with food color dyed water.  We used full size balloons (12 inch), but didn’t fill them all the way.  You can choose the size you’d like.  Tie the balloons off and set them in the freezer.


Let them sit it the freezer until they are frozen solid.  When they are hard, take them out of the freezer and peel the balloon off of the outside.


Then put them out in the snow to play with them.


The kids like holding them, tossing them, and doing target practice.





We keep on playing with our ice marbles until they are all broken up into pieces.


It always makes for a really fun, super colorful afternoon.

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