Indoor Snowball Fight and How To Make Pompoms

The other day we had an indoor snowball fight as part of our countdown to Christmas and in the process I taught the kids how to make pompoms.

How to make pompoms and have an indoor snowball fight.

To make pompoms you need yarn, a toilet paper roll for small pompoms or a juice can for larger pompoms, and scissors.

Wrap the yarn around and around and around the cylinder, either the toilet paper roll or the juice can, until you have a nice thick bunch of yarn.  Then slide the whole bunch of yarn carefully off the end of the cylinder and grasp in the center.

Tie another piece of yarn tightly around the center of the roll.

Cut the looped ends of yarn on either end, furthest from the tied center.

Ta-da!  Pompoms!

To have our indoor snowball fight we divided into two teams, in our case there were two kids on each team.  Then we choose the largest room, our kitchen/family room combo and divided it in half.  The object was for each team to get all the “snowballs” off their side of the room and onto the other teams space.  The kids really had to work hard to make it happen, so it was PE and art all rolled into one.

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