Jack-O-Lantern Chili and Mummy Dogs

I’m always on the look out for fun holiday menus for my family that are memorable, but not so difficult to pull off that they create holiday stress.  We often have big Halloween feasts around Halloween, but on the actual Halloween night everyone is so excited for trick-or-treating that we want to just get dinner done already so we can start our candy collecting.  Besides, I’m usually helping everyone get costumes on, fixing Halloweeny hair and costume make-up, and lighting jack-o-lanterns.  With all that going on, we need a quick and easy festive dinner.  Jack-o-lantern chili and mummy dogs hits the spot.

I can make a big crock pot full of chili that’s ready for us whenever we’re ready for it.  After we’ve poured them into bowls, I use our pumpkin cookie cutter to make pumpkin shaped cheese slices to put on top of the chili bowls.  Warm chili is perfect for warming up little trick-or-treaters about to head out.


Mummy dogs are our favorite companion to jack-o-lantern chili.  Just wrap strips of bread or biscuit dough around hot dogs.  Bake them for 10-15 minutes at 350 degrees.  You can use homemade dough or just purchase refrigerated crescent roll dough or refrigerated biscuit dough from the grocery store.  We made three sizes: big sausage dog mummies, medium hot dog mummies, and baby Little Smokey mummies.  They were all definitely yummy mummies, though I think the babies were everyone’s favorite.


I wanted to have a simple dessert to go with it, but I knew how much candy we’d be collecting later, so instead of sweets, I put popcorn in Jack-o-lantern treat bags.  Can I just say, popcorn is the most perfect Halloween night dessert I’ve ever made.  The kids loved it even more than all the sweet treats I’ve made in years past.


This was a simple, no stress Halloween dinner that everyone really enjoyed.  We used all paper and plastic dishes, so everyone dumped their dishes in the trash and we were off to the neighborhood. . . TRICK OR TREAT!

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